​What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

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Managed WordPress hosting is a web hosting plan that is configured and fine-tuned for WordPress CMS. In case of Managed WordPress hosting, the hosting environment is optimized specifically for WordPress - where the hosting service provider takes care of several routine maintenance tasks.

It can be the most optimum hosting plan for WordPress beginners. If you are not too tech-savvy, managed WordPress hosting allows you to solely concentrate on developing website content, leaving the technical aspects to be taken care of by the hosting company.

Right from WordPress installation to periodic backups, security configuration and performance optimization - all technical matters involved with the management of server are taken care by your hosting partner. The objective of managed WordPress hosting is to streamline as many technical aspects as possible on an ongoing basis.

When compared to regular unmanaged hosting plans, managed WordPress hosting attracts a higher price. But you can be assured of peace of mind and time savings. Here are a few common features that are provided with managed WordPress hosting plans.

Why Managed WordPress Hosting?

1. Maintenance 

The hosting company takes care of regular maintenance activities. This includes automated upgrades, script installation, backup configuration, and network maintenance. The idea is to offer you a completely hassle-free experience by eliminating all technical headaches so that you can focus on running your business.

2. Performance Optimization

Your hosting provider fine-tunes the server for extracting the maximum performance. Reducing latency, improving page load speed, configuring load balancer, implementing CDN service - all these activities are performed by the hosting company in line with industry-defined best practices guidelines.

3. Security Hardening

Web security is a crucial aspect. There are server vulnerabilities, virus and malware threats looming around the corner. Managed hosting accounts are protected from hacking attempts and other malicious scripts by implementing various security measures. The hosting company employs web security experts to monitor the hosting environment and fix security issues proactively.

4. Technical Support 

As already mentioned, most of the technical issues are taken care of by the hosting provider in case of managed hosting plans. There are dedicated teams of WordPress experts who are always available to help you out in case you need specific support. All managed hosting service providers offer 24x7 helpline through phone, chat and email support to deal with customer queries and complaints.


If you are new to WordPress and don't have much idea about the technical aspects, then it can be a good idea to go with managed WordPress hosting. Your hosting partner takes care of all technical issues right from maintenance to performance optimization, server hardening and network settings to provide you complete peace of mind. Moreover, you will have access to 24x7 priority technical support to resolve your queries/issues with respect to the hosting environment.

Although managed hosting can cost a little more compared to regular unmanaged hosting plans, it is fully worth the extra penny as it offers you time and energy to focus on your core business priorities.

We hope this article provided you with the answer of what is WordPress managed hosting? If you still have any queries, do let us know in the comments below.

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