How to Remove or to Edit "Proudly powered by WordPress"

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Almost all WordPress templates have got common feature - it’s a copyright/a label, something like «Powered by WordPress» or «Proudly powered by WordPress». In the context of this article we will explain how to completely remove or to replace this label with your own one (generally, freelancers who work on a serious project deal with it).


Note that you should have no difficulties during this process (even ‘green as grass’ admin will be able to replace/remove the label).

Experienced web-masters can find and remove from the code almost anything but this material is more for those who have some difficulties with the code; or for infopreneurs who have no need to study WordPress functions. This algorithm is usually executed during the site development.

How to remove "Proudly powered by WordPress"

If your site is on a local hosting, connect it via FTP and find wp-content/themes folder. Then find your theme in this folder and open footer.php file to edit. It’s better to do the above by means of Filezilla application (right-click on a file and select “Review/Edit”).

After this you will see the file opened and now use ctrl+f in order to open the search field where you should type “Proudly powered by WordPress” or “Powered by WordPress”. If you need to completely remove this label, you can remove the whole block site-info (you can see all this code in the screenshot below; it can contain other labels depending on the theme, for example “The resource is in development”, etc.).

After this don’t forget to save the file and upload it onto the hosting. If you need to replace the link with your own one, then instead of the old “Proudly powered by WordPress” copyright link you should paste, for example, the following link

<a href="">link text</a>

This is it, no more actions needed. In conclusion please note that if there isn’t footer.php file on your site or you can’t find anything similar to “Proudly powered by WordPress” or “Powered by WordPress”, you should search through the files (it means that URL with the text can be hidden in another place). Simple text editor isn’t able to do it but all good text editors will easily support it (for example, Notepad++ for Windows or TextWrangler for Mac OS).

Good luck!

11:34 (edited)
I wish to show thanks to you for bailing me out of this trouble.As a result of checking in the net and meeting techniques were not productive and i thought my life was done.
15:39 (edited)
Hey everyone. Thanks for this how-to, but it doesn't work for me. I want to find out how to remove «designed by elegant themes powered by wordpress» from my website. I am using the Divi theme. Thanks in advance!
15:49 (edited)
Hi Kristen. Templates from Elegant Themes are using their own Theme Options dashboard, but some settings are located in Appearance --> Customize section of WP Dashboard.

How to remove Designed by Elegant Themes in Divi theme

To remove «designed by elegant themes powered by wordpress» you need to go to Appearance --> Customize, then in the left navigation menu select «Footer», and then «Bottom Bar»:
How to remove Designed by elegant themes powered by wordpress in Divi theme
In the Bottom Bar editing section, find the textarea «Edit Footer Credits», and replace it with anything you want:
Remove Designed by elegant themes in Divi theme
Ady Dev
Thanks for sharing the useful information.