How to Embed Video in WordPress?

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Although content is king, but there are a lot of users who do not like to go through chunks of text, and would rather prefer to have a quick look at the video.

Further, a well-crafted video can add life to your website and is a great way to boost the user-engagement.

If you too feel the same, and want to know how to embed a video in WordPress for any reason whatsoever, this article is for you.

How to Embed a YouTube Video in WordPress?

You would appreciate the beauty of WordPress, even more, when you will know that WordPress comes equipped with an auto-embed feature. This means that the platform would embed the videos automatically for you from popular hosting websites like Vimeo, YouTube and others.

All that you need to do is paste the video URL in the blog post visual editor. Ensure that the link is plain text without any hyperlink. As you do this, the WordPress will automatically fetch the embedded code and display the video.

You can then go ahead and save your post and you would normally do. To make sure that the video is embedded correctly, you can click on the preview button.

Inserting Self-Hosted Videos in WordPress

If you somehow want to post your own video in WordPress, you can do that as well. But it is not generally recommended to host videos in your own server for three major reasons:

  • Hosting videos on your website eats up a lot of space
  • If too many users attempt to watch your videos at once, your site might crash
  • Further, you might limit your video from getting a huge exposure which might come to you when you host it on popular video hosting websites like YouTube

However, if you still want to insert videos in WordPress, here is how you can do so:

  • Log in to your WordPress dashboard
  • Go to Media > Add Videos
  • Upload your video and copy the video link
  • Next, head on straight to the page or post where you would like your video to be inserted
  • Choose your video by clicking on ‘Add Media’, or simply paste the video link that your copied in the above step
  • And you are done

How to Add Videos to WordPress Using Plugins?

There are a range of WordPress plugins which can help you in adding videos in WordPress. These include:

Spider Video Player for WordPress

While it is often recommended to keep the usage of plugins in your WordPress website to a bare minimum for performance purposes, there still are various cases when developers prefer to use plugins for managing the videos in a better way.

This is especially true when you plan to add a lot of videos, for making up an instructional series or something. Using plugin in such cases keep your videos well-organized and sorted.

The Spider Video Player for WordPress plugin is an amazing flash-based plugin which allows you to add videos easily. It has an easy to use interface along with easy navigation.

One thing that caught our eyes is its features that are similar to standard video players like shuffle, full screen, and others.

What’s more? The plugin even provides social media integration and allows your visitors to share videos on popular networks, thus boosting your visibility.

Additionally, if you do not want to host the video on your server, the plugin even allows you to embed the video from other websites. You just need to paste the source URL and you are done!

Cool Video Gallery

Cool Video Gallery is a comparatively easier plugin and allows you to embed YouTube videos via URL. Additionally, plugin also allows you to upload videos, and organize them perfectly within different galleries.

The plugin supports various formats like .m4v, .mp4, .mov, .mp3 and so on, and even generates an automatic image for each video.

What’s more? This plugin is an ideal solution if you like to delete bulk videos and streamline the entire video management. It also allows you to edit descriptions and titles for videos in your galleries.

The plugin is also equipped with a shortcode generator and is equipped with TinyMCE integration, to help you out thoroughly!


If you produce videos rigorously, there could not be a better plugin than this one. This is a premium plugin and allows you to embed videos on WordPress site that are hosted on VideoPress. This way, the plugin makes sure that your website’s performance is not hampered at any point in time.

With an intuitive interface and stringent privacy controls, this plugin has a lot more on offer. However, it all comes for a price and you need to pay $59.97 a year. But this is worth the comfort that it provides you with.


Embedding, inserting and adding videos in your WordPress website might have been a real issue a few years back, but it is all simple and effortless today. You can choose to add the video either by embedding them directly from third party sites, or by hosting them on your server, or by using plugins.

The best option, so far, is to embed them in your website. As that way, your website’s performance is not compromised. However, if you are a video-based website, using plugins would be a better idea as such a plugin would keep all your videos well-organized.

We hope this tutorial would have answered you question – how to embed video into WordPress?

So what are your views on this? Which is your preferred method of adding a video on your WordPress website? Write to us.

Got any query? Let us know in the comments below!

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