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Hi, tech experts! I have a problem with WordPress again and I hope you will help me again! Now I have a problem with missing WordPress toolbar. I don't know what happened, but on one of our company's websites WordPress toolbar not showing when viewing site, and it is very difficult to me to manage this website, because to edit page - I need to go to WordPress dashboard, and find needed page there (we have hundreds of pages and this is too complicated). Can anybody help me to restore this admin toolbar? Thanks in advance, guys!
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Welcome back, Kristen. I will try to help you.

There are few reasons why Wordpress Toolbar is not showing

Let's try to identify your specific reason and fix it.

Wordpres Toolbar not showing because of User profile settings

Go to your admin/editor profile settings /wp-admin/profile.php and check if option «Show Toolbar when viewing site» is enabled.
Wordpress toolbar is not showing

Wordpres Toolbar not showing because of Theme Settings

Some themes have their own settings which allow hiding Wordpress toolbar. Go to your theme settings (if such settings panel exists for your theme, and check settings there)

Wordpres Toolbar not showing because of missing wp_footer() function in footer.php

Go to Wordpress Dashboard, then to Appearance --> Editor. Find footer.php file there, open it and check if function wp_footer() exists. If not, add it, or contact theme developer and ask him to fix this for you.

Wordpres Toolbar not showing because of problems with plugins

There are some plugins which can cause such issue with missing Wordpress toolbar. If solutions from above didn't help you to resolve this issue, try to deactivate plugins one by one. Identify those plugin which causes this issue.

Hope these recommendations will help you restore WordPress editor toolbar.

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