How to remove powered by Shopify?

Hello everyone. Our company launched recently ecommerce website based on Shopify platform. At the footer of our website we have copyright "Powered by Shopify". I am wondering how I can get rid of "Powered by Shopify"?
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Hi Alexey. It is very easy to get rid of «Powered by Shopify» but the exact solution depends on what type of theme your are using.
There are two types of themes: Sectioned and Non-Sectioned.
Non-Sectioned themes are old themes which were created before 2016. So if you launched your website recenlty, there are very small chances that you use non-sectioned theme. But the ways how you can remove «Powered By Shopify» copyright are very similar.

First of all, I will tell you that Shopify stores this copyright text in the template variable {{ powered_by_link }}. So you need just to find and remove this variable from your template. Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard, then go to Online Store --> Themes. Click on your active theme, and select «Edit Code».

And here appears the difference between Sectioned and Non-Sectioned themes.

How To Remove «Powered By Shopify» In Sectioned Themes

1) Find file footer.liquid in the sections section of templates.
2) Find {{ powered_by_link }} variable and remove it.

How To Remove «Powered By Shopify» In Non-Sectioned Themes

1) Find file theme.liquid in templates files.
2) Find {{ powered_by_link }} variable and remove it.
Hi Joseph. Thanks for this instruction, I tried to follow it to remove «Powered by Shopify» from our perfume e-commerce website, but I still can see «Powered By Shopify» in the footer. Can you help me to investigate what I did wrong?
Hi Alexey. It is difficult to say what is the reason for the problem, but I can recommend you the following:
1) Make sure that it is not a cache-related problem. Try to open your website in a different browser and check if «Powered By Shopify» copyright exists.
2) If Shopify copyright still exists, please check that you've edited your current template files. In Shopify, you can have multiple themes installed, but only one can be active. So there are chances that you edited footer.liquid or theme.liquid files of not active theme.
Joseph, thanks again! You were right, I edited template files from the old theme. Now I successfully removed «Powered By Shopify»! dance

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