How to remove powered by Shopify?

Hello everyone. Our company launched recently ecommerce website based on Shopify platform. At the footer of our website we have copyright "Powered by Shopify". I am wondering how I can get rid of "Powered by Shopify"?
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Hi Alexey. It is very easy to get rid of «Powered by Shopify» but the exact solution depends on what type of theme your are using.
There are two types of themes: Sectioned and Non-Sectioned.
Non-Sectioned themes are old themes which were created before 2016. So if you launched your website recenlty, there are very small chances that you use non-sectioned theme. But the ways how you can remove «Powered By Shopify» copyright are very similar.

First of all, I will tell you that Shopify stores this copyright text in the template variable {{ powered_by_link }}. So you need just to find and remove this variable from your template. Log in to your Shopify admin dashboard, then go to Online Store --> Themes. Click on your active theme, and select «Edit Code».

And here appears the difference between Sectioned and Non-Sectioned themes.

Remove «Powered By Shopify» In Sectioned Themes

1) Find file footer.liquid in the sections section of templates.
2) Find {{ powered_by_link }} variable and remove it.

Remove «Powered By Shopify» In Non-Sectioned Themes

1) Find file theme.liquid in templates files.
2) Find {{ powered_by_link }} variable and remove it.