how to connect filezilla to siteground?

I have installed filezila on my windows 10 and I have bought siteground hosting and now I have a trouble to connect these 2. ANy help would be highly appreciated.
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Hi again, Fuze. To connect Filezilla (or any other FTP client) you need to have FTP connection details. When you added addon-domain — you specified password, this is actually FTP password for this specific domain. But if you don't remember this password, it is not a problem, and you can create a new FTP account. Logint to Siteground Cpanel, scroll to the section «Files» and select there «FTP Accounts»
Connect Filezilla To SiteGround
Fill form with login, password (save password) and directory (make sure that you specified path to the correct domain folder).

And press «Create FTP Account» button.

Then open FileZilla, and specify there your FTP account details. As a server you can use the domain name of your website on the SiteGround.

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