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Hypersay is an online platform that allows you to create interactive presentations that can be used for education, training, marketing or any other type of events. Hypersay has different features available for presenters, attendees at events which all focus on allowing for increased presenter-audience interaction.

Key features include:
- Live Slide Sharing - share slides with participants in real-time on their device.
- Live Polls/Quizzes - instant or pre-defined polls & show results în real-time.
- Live Open Question - allow participants to type in answers to open questions.
- Interactive Images - upload images & allow participants to drag dots.
- Embed Videos - add YouTube/Vimeo videos in your presentation.
- Audience Q&A Wall - crowdsource questions during your session ordered by votes.
- Private Notes - participants can take private, contextual notes.
- Feedback - gather automatic feedback at the end of your session.
- Phonetic Codes - share your session using easy-to-pronounce codes.
- Claps - participants can send claps for the duration of your session.
- Anonymity - allow unregistered participants to join.
- Follow-up - easy follow-up feature while preserving privacy.
- Session Analytics - engagement stats on all your participants.
- Export data.

Hypersay now supports fee paying Pro Accounts.

Our free package is the most powerful in the industry. You can enjoy unlimited FREE sessions. Now we are adding a new type of session: PRO Session. More participants & extra features for the price of a good coffee. See more https://hypersay.com/pricing

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