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If you love coding and have a flair for web development, it is likely that you are looking to join a bootcamp to brush up your skills.

But, which one would you pick? With an array of bootcamps available today, it is indeed tough to make the right choice. Hack Reactor is an amazing coding bootcamp and helps you reinvent your career. But, is Hack Reactor worth it? Let’s find out in this Hack Reactor review!

Knowing Hack Reactor Bootcamp

Founded in the year 2012, Hack Reactor is a coding school that provides software engineering education as well as career placement services.

This bootcamp has witnessed tremendous growth within a short period of time and now has campuses across San Francisco, Austin, Los Angeles and New York City. It also offers online courses that are accessible from anywhere across the globe.

Hack Reactor Courses

Hack reactor offers two types of courses - a 12-week full-time course and a 38-week part-time course to the graduate students as well as professionals. However, these exceptionally well-built immersive programs demands a skill-set more than just of a beginner.

That’s why Hack Reactor recently introduced different preparation courses to help new students to skill up according to the required skill-set of its immersive programs. There is a self-guided preparation course available for free along with a premium version.

As Hack Reactor only accepts students with intermediary skill set who are tested through rigorous admission procedure, it is recommended to take up the preparation course to boost your skills and develop a good chance to get through the admission tests.

Hack Reactor has recently introduced a course based on a modern technology known as Blockchain. This program is designed by top engineers and is offered in 12-week full time or 9-week part-time formats.

Hack Reactor Cost

So, how much does Hack Reactor cost? Hack Reactor offers both full-time and part-time immersive programs which cover different core programming languages and technologies including the likes of AJAX, Algorithms, CSS, Data Structures and Database design, JSON, MVC, and Mongo DB and so on.

You can enroll in any of these courses from San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Austin or from anywhere with the help of Hack Reactor’s online and virtual campuses. The full-time course extends up to 12-weeks and while part-time course is of 38-weeks.

Both the full-time and the part-time courses cost around $17,980 excluding any benefits or Hack Reactor scholarships.

There are two types of Hack Reactor prep courses offered. One of them is a self-guided online course that is available for free on their website. While the other one is a premium version available at a price of $250. This course is online-based as well and is designed by experts from Google, YouTube, Twitter, and other leading tech companies.

Benefits of Hack Reactor

Hack Reactor’s immersive software engineering programs are well-known for their exceptional quality and they require more than just beginner level skills to get through the interview process.

The interview and the admission procedure is quite rigorous. In fact, Hack Reactor recommends students to take up the prep courses offered by them before applying for the immersive programs.

The teaching procedure of Hack Reactor is quite impressive and known for its quality mentorship. In the first 6 weeks of its immersive program, students get to learn about the basic fundamentals of development that include JavaScript and other developer tools and technologies. In the final 6 weeks of the program, students are provided the live exposure to these technologies.

Apart from the course development, the Hack Reactor curriculum also includes job preparation, building an online presence and boosting resume and LinkedIn profile. Hack Reactor has a wide range of partnered tech companies in its network that offer mid-to-senior level positions for its graduate students. Students are also offered full-time jobs in leading Tech companies including Google, Microsoft, and Apple with an average starting salary of $105K.

Disadvantages of Hack Reactor

There are no major disadvantages of enrolling as a graduate in Hack Reactor. Moreover, the enrolling and admission process is so selective, that the students going through the admission procedure are purely judged over the skill set so that no future coping-up problems occur during the course tenure.

As the course time is very small, its tight schedule becomes hectic for some students. They have to spend more time studying and working on different projects and hence, less family time. This is the only feature you may dislike about the Hack Reactor coding school.

Hack Reactor Admission and Application Process

The application process of Hack Reactor is divided into two parts, rather two tests. Both tests are conducted online. Before you apply for Hack Reactor’s immersive software engineering program, you need to know some basic JavaScript and process of creating small functions.

  • Online test

The first test will an online admission challenge in which your knowledge of JavaScript will be tested. This online admission challenge can be taken anytime, be it day or night.

Apart from JavaScript, it will test your skills in creating arrays, functions, objects, and the likes. Even your few months experience in JavaScript will fall short for this admission challenge test. Once you have successfully taken this online test, Hack Reactor will evaluate your answers to see if you are eligible for the next round.

If your skill set doesn’t match up to their expectations, they will recommend you to take more training and reapply after 6 months. If you have cracked the admission challenge successfully, they will invite you for the next test which will be a technical interview round.

  • Technical interview

After getting invited for the Hack Reactor interview, you will be asked to pick up a date and time according to your choice from the provided slots.

On your scheduled appointed date, Hack Reactor’s interviewer will connect with you through Skype to conduct a face-to-face interview. The first 5-10 minutes will be general discussion round in which you will be asked some basic questions like why you are interested in Hack Reactor, what is your future goals as a developer, and so on.

Then the interviewer will conduct a coding challenge for the next 30-45 minutes in which a link of a shared IDE will be provided to you. This IDE will not be the same as other IDEs where syntax suggestions and color coding are present.

So basically you are on your own and you have to write up a fully-functional code without errors. Any error will put a negative impact on your admission in Hack Reactor Los Angeles. During your programming assignment, you will also be asked about a series of programming questions.

Hack Reactor Acceptance Rate

Hack Reactor is very selective in its enrolment process. So it is highly recommended to take up the preparation courses before applying for Hack Reactor immersive software engineering program.

It is said that the acceptance rate of Harvard is more than that of Hack Reactor. Hack reactor accepts only 3% of the total applicants who applied for its immersive program.

Once you have successfully cracked the online admission challenge test, you have to go through the technical interview round. The interviewer will take up to 2 weeks to let you know about the status of your application process whether you are selected or not.

Hack Reactor Bootcamp Review

Hack Reactor is one of the premier advanced coding school with an acceptance rate less than Harvard school. It was voted as the best coding school in the world by Switchup and best coding school in Silicon Valley by Tech Cocktail.

The immersive program costs about $17,980 which is very reasonable. The teaching staff of Hack Reactor is comprised of experienced technical engineers who invest almost 8 hours daily on the students to make them learn, help on the projects as well as prepare them for jobs. Several benefits on the tuition fees are also provided to students with poor financial conditions.

Hack Reactor has set a track record of providing 99% job placements for its graduates with an average starting salary of $105k which is way more worth than the tuition fees. The resume preparation, profile building, jobs preparation and the network of connections of leading tech industries are extremely well built and that is the reason for setting up great placement records.

So getting into Hack Reactor NYC would be the best thing if you want to enter the software engineering domain to build your future, but remember that Hack Reactor is very tough and selective on its admission process. So, a good preparation of at least 6 months is very necessary to crack the admission tests. Good luck to all the coders out there.

Type of school:
  • In-Class
  • Online
Total Cost:
$2,000 down-payment
  • CSS3
  • jQuery
  • Javascript
  • SQL
12 weeks
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