Trends in Mobile Gaming Market in Canada

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The mobile gaming market is at its peak today. The credit for this rise of gaming market goes to the various technology-enabled devices such as smartphones, tablets, and an increase in use of Internet which includes VR (Virtual Reality) as well as AR (Augmented Reality). This has contributed to the advanced entertainment of modern age. Along with this, it has become a great source of profit for the game development company.

With the rapid increase in changing trends of technology, various developers and investors have become determined to develop mobile games contributing a lot to the mobile gaming market, thus, making the whole gaming industry lucrative. As of various statistics, mobile games are ruling 25 percent of the total apps present in iPhone’s App Store and Android’s Google Play Store. The games which have gained great popularity in no time and have become the most downloadable gaming apps are Pokemon Go and Clash Royale.

There are various development companies in Canada which are developing mobile games, and thus, are competing with each other at high level. Due to this competition, there is a continuous change in trends in mobile gaming market. It is expected that the future is ready to shake up the app charts with the highly advanced and entertaining gaming apps. In the upcoming years, global giants may emerge to sideline the small game development companies contributing to the gaming market. There will only be a handful of powerful players which are going to compete with each other by filling in the gaps of the upcoming trends that mobile gaming market are setting.

Some of the evolving trends ready to rule the mobile gaming market of Canada to shape the overall app industry are listed below:


Though the mobile users are giving a thumbs up to the gaming apps that are present on the Google’s Play Store or iPhone App Store, the mobile game development companies have to work continuously reach the top level to rule in the same manner as they did back in 1990s. The basic reason that the gaming industry is facing setbacks is the absence of any strong brand. There are many developers who are continuously evolving the gaming industry, through their high-level efforts, but the industry has lot to go. The developers like Supercell and King need more efforts to form a strong base which can easily replace Sonic or Mario of 1990s.

Thus, the future can see various publishers as well as developers who can turn master and rule the gaming industry. They have the perfect resources which can help them become the most famous face of the mobile gaming industry. This is well-evident by the huge success of Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run games which were recently launched. The publishers and developers have started to develop a strong base.

There has been a growth in various mobile gaming brands which are creating an increasing buzz on integrated marketing approach. This marketing approach brings together all the channels such as social media, celebrities and influencers, and still- as well as motion-picture techniques. There are many gaming industries which have not liked The Angry Birds Movie. But the publishers and developers have come up with games such as The Angry Birds which has become the entertainment icon and brand, developing space for similar films to hit the cinema theatres.


There are some mobile users, who have become a great part of the audience of the mobile gaming industry. They will not pay money if they know that they will not be able play that particular game for a long duration. Thus, it is rare that a game development company will launch a game with some fixed price. Instead, the company is likely to prefer to Booster Packs or in-app purchases (IAPs).

The great success of various F2P titles such as Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes and Battlestar Galactica: Squadrons has brought in free-to-play platform. This F2P provides its users a free basic version, before they realize that they can willingly invest their money in the full version of game.

The mobile game development market has reached its peak by developing sophisticated games which have brought in good amount of profit for the game developers. This profit has helped the developers to no longer depend on ads for revenue. The future time holds fully-free games to exist in the app stores which will work on free-to-play platforms as well as gacha systems. Along with this, some games may come with fixed price tags, especially those which come from established brands, like the Super Mario Run game, which has a fixed price tag of $9.99.


Recently, the technology is making its impact in all the sectors including the mobile game development industry. The old days are gone when the mobile games were considered for candy people. Now, various social factors have compelled the like-minded people to meet as well as interact while playing and exploring these mobile games.

To develop the best mobile games for the upcoming generation, the mobile gaming industry is working too hard, investing a lot of time and money. Their basic motive is not only to rule the market but also to create loyal customer base. Today’s kids become too familiar with Internet and Internet-enabled gadgets at a very early stage. So, they hold the same expectation and same real-time experience while gaming too. There are various games like Candy Crush and Bubble Shooter which are unable to please the gamers as compared to the real-time engagement games.

However, there are various offline single-player mobile games that rule the top grossing app charts. The reason is simple that many gamers are not able to afford the highly priced smartphones that contribute to the highly advanced performance for multiplayer experiences. But at the same time, there is a huge competition between the mobile gaming companies and this competition is likely to grow in the future.


It has been evident that eSports are exclusively made for PC or the console market only. But lately, it has been realized that the mobile gaming has changed the old trend and paved way for these games to enter the mobile environment. This move of the game development companies has brought a huge profit with the launch of mobile games like Vainglory and Clash Royale, since they are best played on the mobile environment.

In spite of the fact that the mobile eSports has been developing, even for PC as well as console market, some experts from mobile gaming industry too are in favour of the mobile platform to be better for eSports. This analysis has encouraged the developers to switch to mobile environment from the complicated PC as well as console market. The mobile environment provides easy accessibility and there is no need of any sports controller.

At the same time, it has to be understood that mobile environment for eSports will not only benefit the gamers but also it will come as a great source of revenue for game developers because eSports are likely to see a drastic increase from the fans of eSports on PC as well as console markets. This will lead to mobile game broadcasting as well as streaming on a real-time basis.


VR or Virtual reality came into limelight last year with great bang, after the huge success of HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR and the Oculus Rift. In a very short span of time, these VR gadgets emerged as dream toys for the crazy, yet serious gamers. But the drawback was that only a few of these gamers were able to afford the high cost of a full PC- or console-based VR setup.

At the same time, the plus point was that the mobile game development industry created its own way. Though the price of Samsung Gear VR is relatively low, it provides its users with a decent and awesome experience of virtual reality. The huge launch of the Daydream View stands as an advantage for the mobile gaming market. With the facility of easy payments by Google as well as distribution structures forming a place to replace in-app purchases within the VR environment, Daydream View stood as a demonstration for VR as a real environment on the gadgets.

Augmented reality or AR is also ready to hold great growth opportunities. After the great launch of Pokémon Go, AR has come in its new form which has given the game development company a great boost. The game developers have started to get a picture of the upcoming trends they need to create a buzz. On the other hand, the gamers are all set to explore and experience real-like gaming, due to the belief that VR and AR has a lot to offer to them.

The above-mentioned trends tend to bring a huge revolution in the mobile gaming market. The gaming house is full of new characters, gamers, brands and spectators which are ready to explore and compete with the glory of traditional gaming platforms.

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