The Best Online Directory Software Platform

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If you are planning to build an online directory, you have several platforms and software to choose from. Most of such tools have a slight learning curve and a vast variety of features. Taking a close look at the options can help you make a decision which software to use for your directory website.

It’s important to note that a perfect online platform for a directory is far from being the only thing you need for success. Be ready to spend hours and days contacting the companies whose details you want to see in your directory. Otherwise, even the best-designed website will be useless.

1. phpMyDirectory

This platform is highly customizable with a wide variety of useful features. It’s easy to use and install regardless of the hosting web hosting account type. The software allows simple integration of other services making your website even more useful for browsing. Payment Gateways, MailChimp, Google Maps., and more are available for usability improvement.

You may need some time to learn how to operate the software. If you are having trouble with installation, the company offers an installation service. In fact, the customer support of phpMyDirectory exceeds all expectations.

Pricing: $140 – ownership, $35 – monthly use.

2. eDirectory

With the help of this software, you can build a variety of directory websites to boost the marketing revenue. This platform offers ready-to-use templates for users, who don’t have time or skills for precise customization. If you know how to code, you can dive into a variety of customization options with a built-in code editor.

The platform is SEO friendly. The HTML code is written to improve search engine results. The URL structure is keyword-optimized. The platform gives all your advertisers a chance to track and analyze the way their marketing campaign is improving thanks to posting on your website.

The directories build with eDirectory are 100 % responsive, making it easy to access from both desktop and mobile gadgets.

Pricing: Starting $99 per month.

3. MarketGrabber

This directory software allows you to create niche business and city directories with the least effort. You can choose from a variety of customizable themes to make your website as usable as possible. The directories you make with MarketGrabber are fully responsive for the most popular mobile gadgets.

The software provider offers extensive customer support. The program provides advanced google mapping features, social media integration, supported display advertising, and SEO friendliness.

MarketGrabbger offers hosting, design, and customization options.

Pricing: $499 (deals are possible).

4. WordPress Themes

WordPress is an all-purpose platform that caters to website directories as well. You can take advantage of several themes specifically designed to deal with directories and create such websites

  • PointFinder – Customizable theme with a low learning curve. Pricing - $69.
  • Directory Engine – Versatile theme with local payment gateways. Pricing differs depending on plans.
  • MyListing – Fast building of any type of directory: Pricing - $35.
  • Atlas Directory and Listings- Premium WordPress themes with interactive possibilities:

Pricing - $59.

5. BrilliantDirectories

This software allows you to build directory websites from scratch without too much effort. BrillianDirectories is one of the most popular tools for directory creation among web designers and business owners. The platform allows you to introduce social media share links on the web pages. It gives you a chance to make membership packages for your clients, collect payments or offer free use.

You can choose from a wide variety of directory themes so you are bound to find one to satisfy your requirements. It allows you to have easy access to customer management with the help of Member Manager.

This software offers you email marketing options and SEO tools.

Pricing: $95 per month.

6. 360Directories

This tool is suitable for individual consumers, small businesses, and large-scale organizations. It has a wide variety of features, including job listings, contest posting, social media integration, mobile management, and more.

The data from the platform can be integrated into other websites. You can allow the local businesses to manage their listings by adding photos and videos, basic information, and coupon offers.

Pricing: Available upon request and depends on the requirements.

Each one of these software platforms can help you design a solid directory website. If you are not afraid of choosing from a big variety of features and don’t have time for learning anything new, consider choosing eDirectory for your needs. If you already know how to deal with WordPress, take advantage of one of the WP themes. If you have a large directory, try 360Directories. 

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