Managed IT Support vs Technical Support: What Is The Difference?

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Many people believe that a company offering managed IT support also offers technical support and vice versa. However, this is not always the case.

In some cases, technical support involves giving support of a certain product over email, telephone or via special software. Such technicians know all the ins and outs of the product to help the user get its best functionality, do troubleshooting, and provide repair when necessary.

Managed IT support involves dealing with network and computer related problems. For a certain fee, the company provides full support of the company’s IT, thus taking the burden off the company’s shoulders.

According to Bloo Solutions, Managed IT Services company in Springfield, MA, managed IT service companies may provide technical support as well, in case it’s part of the contract. Meanwhile, technical support for a certain product is usually offered by the company which manufactures it.

Technical Support

Another term to consider is an IT technician. Some people mistake the IT technician’s job for the job of the product-specific technical support specialist. An IT technician deals with setting up software and hardware, installation and troubleshooting.

Such technicians work with connecting devices, setting up workstations, network cabling, and the like. During the installation and maintenance process, these technicians do the necessary troubleshooting and reconfiguration if necessary.

IT technicians develop and maintain networks. They optimize their performance, simplifying the further work of the employees. These tech workers may also be responsible for monitoring and providing the necessary software updates.

They schedule updates and ensure proper system operation during the update period.

Technical support specialists and IT technicians have several areas of expertise. Besides maintaining networks and dealing with hardware maintenance, they may have the responsibility to cater to the IT-related requests of the employees.

Technical support experts are often hired to work in-house to tend to the problems on a timely basis. This is especially common for companies that use specialized software.

Managed IT Support

Using managed IT services involves outsourcing your technical support and other IT matters to another company. These companies have an impressive incentive to provide you with the highest quality services. Usually, you pay a flat monthly fee for a number of IT services, which save you money on hiring in-house specialists.

Besides providing the abovementioned technical support, companies that offer managed IT services, participate in your company’s growth. They take a proactive role in the company’s life offering suggestions to improve the output and update the computer systems in time to outrun the competition.

Managed IT services involves the expertise of many different specialists, from software developers to wiring experts. The quick access to such a team improves the overall function of the company while saving money on hiring a large in-house team.


Technical support involves installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance of software and hardware. Managed IT services include technical support, strategic IT planning, proactive support, and complete outsourced IT support.

By outsourcing the IT-related work to a team of experts, you can have peace of mind while cutting costs.

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