How to Choose a BIM Modeling Service Provider: 5 Pro Tips

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BIM modeling is becoming an integral part of construction projects of various complexity. Whether you are planning a project or want to take it to a new level, you need a BIM modeling service provider.

Since the demand for such companies is on the rise, so is the supply. This makes it tough to choose the right BIM partner for your needs. These simple tips can help you figure out which companies are worth your consideration.

1.Check the Portfolio

When you are selecting the BIM partner, check how long the company has been in business. Even though for some companies, BIM is a novelty, it has been around for decades. The longer your potential partner has been dealing with BIM modeling, the easier time you’ll have collaborating.

Meanwhile, you need to check if the company had experience with projects similar to yours. According to VIATechnik, BIM services company, a respectable provider can deal with a variety of projects. However, if they have specific experience, it can help speed up the process and simplify collaboration.

2.Ask for References

A company may have an excellent portfolio but be tough to work with. That’s why asking for references is an integral part of the selection process. By contacting previous clients, you can get a general idea about the way the company works, how fast it completes projects, which hidden fees it has, and much more.

When you start searching for a BIM partner, ask around. Your colleagues, partners, or even competitors may recommend a company to work with. This way you can learn everything about the BIM partner in advance.

3.Set up an Interview

While you think you may know everything about the company, choosing it before speaking to providers in person is unadvisable. During an interview, you can ask questions about experience, check the portfolio, ask for references, and discuss costs.

Meanwhile, you should listen to your gut feeling to see how comfortable you are interacting with this team. Communication is the key to the project’s success. Make sure you are happy with the way the provider communicates.

4.Be Careful with Freelancers

Since the demand for BIM modeling is high, many specialists are working on a freelance basis. While it’s possible to dig up a rare jewel, in most cases, you’ll be working with someone, who is terribly busy.

Freelancers are often overwhelmed with projects, trying to earn as much as possible. They have small (often one-person) teams and lack proper software and hardware. While working with a freelancer is a way to save money, the results may be less than satisfactory.

5.Focus on the Price

Beware of BIM service providers, who charge by the hour or suggest unit pricing. There is almost no way to control such costs. In the end, you may end up spending much more than you expected.

If you have to oversee each step of the project to make sure no extra hours are spent doing it, you’ll be keeping yourself away from other important tasks.

A respectable BIM service provider will charge a lump sum for the entire project. Such pricing doesn’t just help you control your budget. It makes it easy to compare providers and choose the one with adequate demands.

Try to avoid low-cost offers since they generally mean a lack of experience, inability to meet deadlines or both.

The Takeaway

When choosing a BIM modeling provider, focus on experience, portfolio, communication, and price. Before signing a contract, make sure to compare at least three different offers. The quality of your selection can affect the entire project. 

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