How Much Does Premium WordPress Theme Cost in 2020

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WordPress website cost and WordPress Theme Cost are totally different. WordPress Development Services provide you with building cost estimator and website development costs, which includes the actual price to create a WordPress theme.

Custom WordPress Theme Development will assist you to ease the website creation, which will lead to notable savings in developing and maintenance of your WordPress cost.

While looking at building a website on WordPress, one of the questions we are usually asked is: how much does a WordPress website cost? While setting up an account on WordPress is free of cost, there is a cost to optimize it that varies the basis of your budgets and objectives. Let’s get to the actual question: how much does a WordPress website cost? There are also ways to avoid overspending and hence help with minimizing website development costs.

If WordPress Is Free, What Are You Paying for?

WordPress website cost splits across the following categories:

● WordPress website hosting

● Domain Name registration

● Design and development

● Plugins and Extensions (Apps)

Website hosting is like your website’s location on the internet. There are a number of different hosting plans out there for all reasonable websites. You need to pick one that suits your requirements and fits your budget.

Next comes the purchase of the domain name. This is what one will type on the address bar of your browser that one would type to reach your website.

What does a Custom WordPress Theme Consist Of?

Custom WordPress themes are known for their distinctive layout, flexible designs, and unique features that match your business needs. Since there are thousands of open-source WordPress themes available, a custom WordPress theme design helps give your brand or company a unique identity online.

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Factors that Affect the Cost of Custom WordPress Themes

Since every custom WordPress theme cost is constructed precisely for the individual consumer, the value of the project varies supported the wants.

Custom WordPress theme cost varies depending upon the below factors:

● Agency or Freelancer

Both Design and Code are essential to set up a functional website. While it's relatively simpler to find someone who is good at either of the skills, it's a challenge to find someone who excels in both.

● Need For an Experienced Expert

The areas of Design and development involve an artistic method, therefore are primarily subjective. The project value, then, depends on the experience within the field and creative expertise.

● Elaborating on the Functions, Features, and Expectations

Adding additional theme features and functions to your custom theme can increase the efforts time and value. Usually, buyers have higher expectations than their budget permits. Top quality work with custom options can take longer, and therefore, it'll value additional.

● Scope change and Revisions

If you want to add any other functionality in your custom WordPress theme project, then your cost may increase by comparing the original Scope of Work.

● Domain Hosting, Theme Maintenance, and Project Support

Custom WordPress theme do not embody Domain hosting, theme maintenance, or offering support after the delivery of the project. Most of the agencies and freelancers may charge extra money to supply these services.

Since there already are several freely available WordPress themes out there, what is the need for a Premium WordPress theme? Well, there are several pretty strong reasons for the same.

What Does A Premium WordPress Theme Consist Of?

Since the Premium WordPress themes are professionally designed and coded, they consist of advanced options, practical usage, and additional services, and are typically add immense value.

Reasons To Buy a Premium WordPress Theme:

There are several compelling reasons for why you must to consider deploying a premium WordPress theme thoughtfully:

● Quality

Premium WordPress themes are high on quality because they are well designed, coded for perfect optimization and are put through multiple quality checks.

● Uniqueness

Premium WordPress themes usually can be differentiated easily because of the ease with which it is customized. This makes the website experience unique.

● SEO Benefits

Premium WordPress themes are cross-referenced, and coded basis t course practice and are search engine optimization.

● Functionality

The robust functions that a Premium WordPress website boasts of also make it simpler for users to perform complex tasks of setting up, managing and customizing the website.

● Price

Premium WordPress themes are somewhat cheaper than hiring a designer to create a custom theme. While creating a theme from scratch could cost upwards of $2,000, premium themes provide similar outputs ranging from $30– $100.

● Support

All types of premium WordPress themes get exceptional support from the developer community via support forum, email, etc. that help with all sorts of theme modifications.

● Updates

With feedback from the user community, Premium WordPress theme developers frequently repair bugs and add new options within their themes. Premium theme developers are in the business for the long haul, and it is in their best interest to create a high-quality product, incorporate feedback, fix bugs, add-on new features and ensure the theme syncs properly with new WordPress updates.

● Selection

There is a variety of themes available out there that enable unbelievable levels of personalization basis of one’s needs. A range of areas is covered irrespective of whether its a personal blog, or an organizational website. There is a website for them all.


WordPress Development Company will help you make custom WordPress site cost and WordPress theme cost. WordPress or custom website is the best way to showcase your creation to the world with limited obstacles. Investment company WordPress theme or a web design price list may be wary of how much to charge to build a website. While the average cost to build a website depends on the themes you choose. Theme development Services will be helping hand to guide you throughout your website development.

Custom WordPress themes will create your website to stand out with their distinctive style and custom options. However, not all beginners and small businesses can afford that right away.

If you're beginning out, then you'll be able to use a premium versatile theme and build your website at a fraction of a value.

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Well, according to my opinion is that now wordpress theme is not too much because i recently switched my GoodCore site to wordpress and its very cheap and also it had many benefits to improve your online presence through digital marketing efforts like Seo etc. and also it helps to improve user experience, so after getting this benefits the cost is very negligible. 

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