Best Cyber Security Companies in Dubai, UAE

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Evolving new technology and implementing digital solutions without mitigating digital threats is impractical. Cybersecurity is critical to businesses, and Dubai institutions and individuals are investing heavily in securing data and networks. If you are gathering information on Cyber Security firms in the UAE, here's an outliner on top-notch Cyber Security Companies that should guide you in the right direction.


Founded in 2020 and of German origin, Qualusec provides VAPT, in-depth security consultation, and rapid incident response. You benefit by tapping reputed offensive specialists and security researchers who handhold clients through modern security protocols. Their penetration testing tools detect and plug digital weaknesses and resolve fault lines before thieves can attack.

EXEO Cybersecurity Services

When you onboard this cyber security company in Dubai, you won't need a CISO because the company makes ironclad arrangements to audit the cloud environment to fortify the client's data and networking resources.

Most importantly, you're assured of compliance with ISO27001, CSA, and SOC2 Type 2 certifications.

Their Preventive-Detective-Responsive protocols are among the best in the market. EXEO believes that a secure and vulnerability-proofed product attracts and retains customer trust and loyalty and bestows a substantial competitive edge to the company in its niche.


Considered the oldest cybersecurity firm in Dubai, the company is known for providing flexible security solutions customized to the client's realistic needs. Their packages cater to Managed security, FinTech security, and Crypto Exchange security.

ITSEC's domain expertise takes you through DDoS attack simulation, Ransomware simulation, and Remote workforce protection, among other critical areas.


Founded in 2007 by Eugene Kaspersky, the company has a strong presence in UAE. Clients gain access to award-winning antivirus software. Desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets are firewalled efficiently against malicious threats. Cloud networks get more robust protection against cyber attacks.

CyberSec Consulting

Functioning independently as a service partner to Channel, CyberSec Consulting is known for its proprietary approach to information security risk management. They're a reputed IT Training provider preparing the workforce for cyber combat readiness. By inventorying the client's critical assets and IT infrastructure, they focus on tightening perimeter security and securing data integrity.

Black Box Integrated Systems

Founded in 1976, the company is a broad-spectrum digital security services provider integrating a one-stop focal point for building and securing the simplest to highly complex IT infrastructure.

The Black Box Integrated Systems IT solutions span the following sectors:

Data Centre Security

Digital workspace security protocol training

Enterprise Networking, vulnerability assessment, and monitoring

Managed unified communications as a service or UCaaS protection

Crossbow Labs LLP

Founded in 2014, this is an Indian company and trusted cybersecurity advisory that enables Fintech companies to streamline their internal cybersecurity requirements with external IT sector GRCs - Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance. Clients will find this service provider helpful in scaling services across different platforms and markets.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cybersecurity

Precisely, what does cybersecurity mean?

Cybersecurity refers to services that focus on securing computers, operating personnel, networks, and data centers from unauthorized third-party access, theft, willful damage, and malicious attacks.

How can I develop my career in the cybersecurity field?

To develop a career in cybersecurity, you'll need a combination of formal education, certifications, and practical experience. A bachelor's degree in a related field is often the first step, followed by specialized cybersecurity certifications. Technical skills in software development and problem-solving abilities are also crucial. For a comprehensive guide on cybersecurity courses and potential salaries, you can refer to the article by TheGuardian Nigeria about top cybersecurity courses (all courses mentioned there are online, so you can easily take them).

Why is so much attention bestowed on cybersecurity?

A firm is duty-bound to its customers to protect the confidentiality of financial data, intellectual property, and personal information. Any compromise of company data through malicious attacks opens the floodgates of financial loss, legal liabilities, and damage compensation, besides ruining the organization's reputation.

Which are the most common cyber-attacks?

Phishing is a technique where a maliciously motivated attacker masquerades as a legitimate business, seeking your personal information to validate and authorize a seemingly genuine transaction.

Malware is malicious software that inserts a program or code into a computer, server, or network to manipulate the system to part with sensitive information. It is one of the major gateways for hackers to steal data.

Ransomware is an encrypted code that locks the company's systems, denying users access to essential files, critical commands, and operation pathways. The compromised company is forced to part with ransom money for the decryption key that unlocks the system.

Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks - The DoS attack is bombarding the client's email service, online banking portal, or websites by diverting more traffic than the target can handle. A DoS attack makes it extremely difficult or even impossible for customers to access critical services.

Social engineering attacks - In this method, the hacker gains unauthorized and illegal access to the company's communication backbone, like a phone email, or uses direct contact to manipulate, influence, or deceive a worker into parting with sensitive information, which is then used to compromise the system or network.


These top 7 cybersecurity companies are known for offering the most innovative solutions for tackling cybersecurity threats. They possess and deploy the technology expertise and experience to secure the workplace, workforce, and networks from malicious threats and cyber attacks. Their services are tailor-made for mitigating hardware defects, networking flaws, and code vulnerabilities and ensuring top-notch data protection.

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