5 Smart Tips To Simplify Your Cloud Migration

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Cloud migration may seem easy at the first glance, and many companies try to do it on their own. As a result, more than 40% of cloud migrations fail. The biggest challenge of the cloud migration is downtime. Another problem is the high cost of overtime pay to the staff who deals with the process.

The lack of employee expertise, proper migration plan, and software tools lead to a low success rate. Companies are struggling to find the best way to migrate their data without confusion, downtime, and high costs. Kansas city cloud services consultants from Tricension shared a few tips for a successful cloud migration.

1. Don’t Try To Do It On Your Own

Unless you have a team of cloud IT specialists, trying to move your information to the cloud without assistance may have unpleasant consequences, such as lost money, time, or data. In the future, it can result in losing clients and even employees.

Moving the information to another server is complicated. You may need to make many changes in the way your IT department works. A company of any size should look for a cloud migration expert in order for everything to go smoothly.

2. Set Up A Migration Schedule

As is the case with the majority of your projects, a schedule or a plan is vital. You have to warn all the parties involved in advance in order to avoid delays. Knowing exact migration schedule can help you prepare for any setbacks the company may experience in the process.

The cloud migration should be scheduled for the time when it won’t interfere with other projects. For example, November and December are not the best months for cloud migration since many employees are away on holidays, and for some companies the business is booming.

3. Choose The Right Cloud Provider

Choosing the right cloud provider is the key to a smooth migration to a cloud. The cloud provider must be reputable. It should meet the needs of your company. A cloud IT specialist can offer you a choice of providers.

Once you choose a provider, your legal department should check Service Level Agreement. It’s important to read the fine print since you are putting the safety of your data into the provider’s hands.

4. Keep Your Employees Involved

Don’t rely on the IT specialists to do the migration. Keep all of your employees involved in the process. They should have all the important information about the upcoming challenge. They can help make it faster while learning to accept the new technologies.

You may offer a financial incentive to the employees to work overtime to speed up the migration process. With the workforce fully involved, you can make the migration smoother, faster, and more cost-efficient.

5. Continue Employee Training

Once the migration is completed, your employees should continue getting special training in order to adapt to the new format. A perfect cloud migration doesn’t end with safe data transfer. It requires close attention of the staff and their ability to deal with the information on the new level.

Cloud migration can be easy if you make smart preparations. Seeking help from professionals as well as employees within the company can help you enjoy the results as fast as possible.

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