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3dcart was founded by Gonzalo Gil in 1997, making it among the oldest and longest-running eCommerce platforms. This company, established and headquartered in South Florida, takes its name from what the founders consider to be “the three dimensions of eCommerce”: store owners, shoppers, and search engines.

The idea behind 3dcart was to create a cloud-based platform that could meet the needs of store owners, allowing them to design websites that appealed to shoppers and ranked highly on search engines. In many ways, they succeeded and continue to succeed. Even with their age, the software remains cutting-edge, keeping up with new technology.

More than 20,000 online merchants operate stores built on the 3dcart platform. If you want to learn more, our review goes deeper into what makes 3dcart popular.

3dcart Pros and Cons

With over two decades of constant development, 3dcart has grown into an all-encompassing platform capable of tackling just about every facet an eCommerce store owner might want. Whether it is straightforward sales, marketing, SEO, analytics, or anything else you can think up, they almost certainly have a solution.

Here are some of the benefits of building your store with 3dcart.

Pros of 3dcart

Extensive website customization

From a design perspective, 3dcart websites are unusually flexible for an eCommerce store builder. Users can tweak practically every aspect without even needing to enter the backend. They can more easily alter the template to match their vision for the website.

Massive selection of features

3dcart’s toolbox contains dozens of features from which store owners can choose to activate. Even if you sign up under their lowest payment plan, you will gain access to many essentials, as well as more than a few features that, though not strictly necessary, can prove invaluable. The app store also offers integrations with an array of platforms.

3dcart grows with your store

Some eCommerce platforms restrict the number of products you can list and the amount of bandwidth you can use based on your monthly sales. 3dcart, believing that such restrictions can hamstring up-and-coming businesses, remove those restrictions completely. The software will scale up as your business grows.

Functional, well-designed templates

The 3dcart themes store contains over a hundred professionally designed templates. All of them are fully responsive, adjusting to screens of any dimensions and giving merchants access to smartphone shoppers. Moreover, almost every theme is unique in style and layout, and many are free to use.

Dozens of payment providers

This platform connects to more payment providers than any other on the market. In addition to the top credit card brands and popular transaction services like PayPal and Square, 3dcart users can connect their store to more obscure gateways from around the world.

24/7/365 customer support

3dcart’s customer support team is available to merchants at any time of any day by phone and email. The company also maintains online resources, such as active forums, an extensive Knowledgebase, and even an “eCommerce University” tutorial site.

Cons of 3dcart

Mild learning curve

The abundance of features and the high level of customizability can be a boon to big thinkers, but they need to learn how to do everything before they can reap the benefits. With so much information to absorb, they may spend quite a bit of time between set-up and launch.

Free themes can be lacking

While the themes store offers many free options, some of them are rather basic in layout and aesthetic. Extra-cautious store owners may want to spend time on customization or simply make room in the budget for a paid template.

May require coding experience

As easy as the themes can be to personalize, some of them do not use the theme editor. Instead, you would need to alter their code on the backend. The same goes for certain features.


3dcart has its share of issues, but the software’s many benefits may outweigh them in the minds of many. In fact, plenty of their features serve to minimize or fully counteract them.

The platform is certainly maximalist in nature, offering every feature, integration, service, and payment gateway it can. Getting it all to work may take some effort on your part. With that said, the result has a great chance to be a fine-tuned business website capable of guiding customers from browsing to buying.

Any merchant can have a great product that people want, but an excellent eCommerce platform is vital to the success of a store. Whether your business is big or small, B2C or B2B, niche or mass-appeal, 3dcart can be that platform.

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