Tribute Kiosk Inc.

Tribute Kiosk Inc.
Free & fully supported photobooth for your business.
industry. Tribute Kiosk has built a new line of photobooths that allows for easy of use and highly sophisticated end-user experience with the help of AI named Nicole.
Nicole is an animated character that greets the users (user detection) and invites them to use the photobooth. Nicole also takes pictures of the guests and allows them to select from 8 poses.
Tribute Kiosk provides these highly sophisticated photobooths to the operators at no cost. The operators of the photobooths can use the photobooths to market their photobooth services using the photobooth. They only pay a nominal fee once the photobooth is being used at an actual event.
Tribute Kiosks syncs with the servers but operates without Internet connectivity.
Currently photobooth companies end up managing technology. Tribute Kiosk allows them to refocus on their business instead by taking care of the photobooth.
Easy to use tools for the customers booking the photobooth allows them to review and approve the details of the photobooth. The customers can easily select from a 100 different templates and even have a custom templates for their events.
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