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Secure Nest
Change negative life patterns (themes in thinking, and the related emotions and behaviours).
At Secure Nest our mission is to increase the accessibility of schema therapy to enrich the wellbeing of individuals. We provide a range of tools which empower individuals to change negative life patterns and get their core emotional needs met in everyday life.

Secure Nest provides therapists with a framework to support their clients and a self-education program for individuals wishing to learn more about schema therapy.

Secure Nest is unique in the sense that it is:

* The first ehealth tool of its kind (using schema therapy) with the flexibility to address a broad range of presenting difficulties and use cases (individual & group therapy, self-education).

* Visually attractive with a responsive design making it suitable for use across a range of devices including mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

* Tailored to the personal needs of the client at a given moment, and adaptive to the individual case conceptualisation and the phase of treatment.

Secure Nest delivers support for clients in the moment, helps to strengthen the therapist-client relationship, centralises access to therapeutic resources, assists in tracking progress and provides an efficient framework for therapists. It also provides an unmatched online platform for individuals wishing to learn more about schema therapy using the self-education program.
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