A steady flow of sales is vital for a company’s growth. Greater the revenue, the faster your company will prosper. But we all know that driving consistent sales success isn’t an easy job. Businesses invest their precious dollars in generating leads, but unfortunately, they are unable to convert them. 79% of marketing leads never convert to sales due to the lack of nurturing. This is the major problem; lack of attention results to loss of deal. Your prospects are not ready to wait; if their issues aren’t addressed in real-time, they will conveniently switch to your competitors.

“If you don’t take care of your customers, your competitors will.” – Bob Hooey

Techendo had a chat with James Myers, VP, sales at Data Schematics. Lets see what he has to say about Salesmate.

James Myers’s review

Being associated with a sales driven IT firm, I am abreast of the difficulties on the path to sales growth. I understand that you and your sales team have too much on your plate due to which it becomes difficult to give attention to all the deals. Other than focusing on sales, you have many related activities that need to be taken care of like-

  • Filling up excel sheets
  • Completing all the paperwork
  • Preparing sales reports
  • Creating survey forms
  • Monitoring the team’s performance
  • Creating sales presentations
  • Following up with clients
  • Planning on how to boost sales

All this used to be a concern for me and my sales team too. But the story has changed since we have started using Salesmate.

Salesmate - The all-in-one sales solution

Salesmate has eased our work and helped us move a lot faster. Everything from our client’s contacts to the sales records are now systematically streamlined at one place. Salesmate has a simple interface, and it allows us to tweak the system as per our requirements. There is a lot we could do with this intuitive CRM. Here, I will explain what I liked about Salesmate and why did our company choose it over other CRM software.


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Better management of sales deals with Salesmate

We cater to many industries like education, textile, software, retail, and hospitality. So, with Salesmate we could create multiple sales pipeline for different industries and keep a tab on them separately. It allowed us to import our deals and add them to the sales pipeline. Salesmate provided real-time visibility into our sales cycle.

  • We could easily view relevant data and activities related to each deal on a single screen
  • With its pipeline view, our team could easily spot the deals that need attention
  • We could see the status of the deal whether it is won or lost
  • Tag the deals to sort and find them when required
  • Spot the top deals and plan our strategies to move it forward
  • Add winning and rotting period to each deal to address them on-time
  • Add notes to the deal for staying on the right track
  • Once our team logged in, they could easily view what activities they had to perform for the day
  • They could even see the upcoming or due activities for each deal
  • Salesmate gave my team the flexibility of customizing activity type as per their needs
  • We could estimate the closing period for each deal
  • With the drag and drop option provided by Salesmate, our team could easily change the stages of the deal

Better follow-ups and more organized emails

Emails are the most powerful medium to reach prospects. My team and I could make the most of this effective medium with Salesmate. From drafting to tracking emails, everything got easier with this smart CRM. It made our email communication quick and hassle-free.

  • We could create and save our custom-made email templates in the library and use them with just a click
  • It also allowed us to automate our emails using these templates
  • While drafting emails, we could immediately set reminders for the next follow-up
  • It helped us in knowing if the prospects have opened our outreach email so that we could plan the follow-up email accordingly
  • With email threads, we could keep track of the context and manage our emails more efficiently
  • With email template insight we could know which of our subject lines and call to actions are getting the most clicks
  • All the sent and received emails were neatly organized in the deal’s timeline

No more scattered contacts

The chances of losing an opportunity increases when the contact data is scattered all over the place. Thankfully with Salesmate, my team and I could systematically maintain all the contacts and related data in a centralized repository. It reduced confusion and increased clarity. Salesmate helps in maintaining transparency within the team and reduces conflict by providing a unified view of all the contacts.

  • Salesmate provides up-to-date insight into each contact
  • We could get the complete information of the contact history
  • It eased our work as we could perform bulk activities on multiple contacts
  • We could easily create activities for each contact and track its progress
  • We could associate multiple contacts to a single company
  • It allowed us to email, message or notify bulk contacts together

Complete analytics

Salesmate helped me in creating insightful sales reports for taking smart and data-driven decisions. I could track how far is my team from the quarterly goals and find out what kind of efforts are being made by them to reach those goals. My team could spot risks and address them in real-time.

  • With visualized sales pipeline report my team and I could track the progress of each deal
  • My team could find out the time a deal takes to move to the next stage
  • With sales forecast insights I could predict my revenue and find out the strong areas of our sales pipeline
  • Salesmate detailed reports also helped me in tracking the performance of my team for finding their strengths and weaknesses
  • With a sales leaderboard, everybody in the team could see who is winning and who is losing maximum deals
  • I could provide more actionable feedback to my team and show the right direction to get better
  • It even allowed me to customize the reports. So I could get exactly what I needed


Make and receive calls from Salesmate

The best part is that I didn’t have to invest in a separate virtual phone system. We target customers from the USA, so with Salesmate I could get multiple numbers of the preferred cities and assign it to my team. It helped our company in building a local presence without having to build a brick and mortar office in any city. We could earn the trust of the local customers by appearing as local callers.

  • We could call directly from Salesmate CRM
  • It gave us the flexibility to type the desired number, or directly call one of the contacts from the contact list with click to call functionality
  • With Salesmate my team could automatically log activities, take notes and transfer calls
  • We could even record the calls to understand the needs of the prospect
  • The recorded calls even helped me in training the new reps
  • My team could scroll through the prospects’ account while speaking to them
  • Salesmate’s built-in calling features allowed us to distribute calls as per our convenience automatically
  • Based on the availability and working hours we could decide if we want to choose sequential or simultaneous ringing (In sequential ringing the calls will be directed to the designated user in a sequential manner. While in simultaneous all the designated users will receive the call at the same time, whoever is available can attend the call.)
  • By using Salesmate built-in calling feature, we could make and receive calls from any device

Mobile CRM

My team could manage their sales pipelines, update records and view their deals status on the go with Salesmate’s iOS and Android apps. We could turn our dead time into productive hours and communicate with our prospect from anywhere. I could stay in touch with my team, and we could provide round the clock assistance to our clients.

  • We could address the prospect’s inquiries in real-time
  • Whenever new contact was created or updated, we get a direct notification on our mobile devices
  • Using GPS, we could fetch the address of any contact or company
  • We could communicate with our prospects and clients form the mobile inbox as it is synchronized with the web-app

Seamless integration

We integrated Salesmate with some of the most popular apps like Slack, Wufoo, Clearbit, and WordPress. My team and I could work from one platform without wasting our time. Moreover, we synced all our google apps with Salesmate. So, we could find everything in one place.

  • We could directly create new contacts and deals from our Gmail inbox
  • My team could sync all the activities, tasks and get real-time reminders
  • We could store all the emails in our contact history in Salesmate
  • My team could search customers by distance using geo-location feature in their mobile apps and find customers who are available for meeting nearby

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Thankfully we could say goodbye to all time-consuming tasks by using workflow automation feature with Salesmate. It helped in automating most of the activities that were hampering our productivity. We just had to set some predefined rules based on which the automated actions were triggered.

  • Most of the emails that we send to engage our clients like newsletters and welcome emails could be automated
  • My team didn’t have to spend their time searching for the clients’ details. The clients’ profiles are automatically enriched in Salesmate with the necessary information
  • In Salesmate I could easily automate the task of assigning deals to the sales team

Better assistance to customers

Being in the IT industry, we are expected to be on our toes and offer real-time customer support to our customers. Salesmate has been of great help in this. Our customers don’t have to wait when they have queries related to any of our services. Using its shared team inbox feature, my team could collaborate and offer timely assistance to our esteemed customers.

  • The entire conversation a client had with our company was easily visible in the communication history
  • We differentiate emails using color-coded tags
  • The shared visibility of the email conversation helped us in resolving the clients' queries quickly
  • A team member could easily be involved in a crucial email conversation
  • Internal notes could be shared within the team
  • Salesmate allowed us to tag important emails
  • We could use email template for canned response and save our time

How is Salesmate better from others - The comparison

Salesmate is cost-effective and has all the necessary features that a small business requires. Before choosing Salesmate, I had compared it with various other software. In most of the software, you had to pay more for getting the advanced features. Moreover, they are even expensive while I found Salesmate to be a feature-rich system that is easy to use with no additional cost attached.


Here is the comparison of Salesmate with its major alternatives

Comparing Salesmate CRM and GetBase CRM

  • As per Finances Online, the general user satisfaction rating of Salesmate is 100% while that of Base CRM is 98%
  • The third-party integration list of GetBase is quite limited compared to Salesmate
  • Salesmate is ideal for small and mid-sized business, solopreneurs, and freelancers while GetBase is ideal for small business, large enterprise and medium business


Comparing Salesmate with Freshsales

  • All necessary features needed for a small business is available in Salesmate’s starter plan while you need to extend your budget for getting those important features in freshsales
  • Unlike Freshsales, Salesmate offer automatic call logging feature
  • Salesmate offer sales forecasting which we couldn’t find in Freshsales


Salesmate CRM and Capsule CRM

  • As per Finances Online scoring, Salesmate CRM earned 8.2 points while Capsule CRM earned 6.6 points for overall productivity
  • Salesmate provides email insights which aren’t available in Capsule CRM
  • Unlike Capsule, Salesmate offers email scheduling and sales reporting features


Salesmate CRM and Pipedrive CRM

  • For email support and workflow automation, you will have to subscribe to Pipedrive’s growth plan($24.20). While Salesmate offers it in its starter plan($12)
  • Salesmate comes with a built-in virtual phone system while in Pipedrive you will have to integrate with a third-party application


Salesmate CRM and Copper CRM

  • Salesmate is tailored for small business while Copper is ideal for large enterprises
  • Salesmate basic plan starts at $12 per month while Copper basic plan starts at $19
  • Salesmate has simple interface while with extensive features the dashboards gets a bit crowded in Copper


Make the right choice

My experience so far with Salesmate has been very positive. I would strongly recommend it to start-ups and small business owners. You can use this smart tool to manage your sales and build a healthy relationship with your customers. I have even given some of the alternatives above so that you can decide what’s best for your business as every company has different requirements. So research, explore and make the right decision for your business.

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