PEP Nesting Software

PEP Nesting Software

Manufacturers, fabricators, profiling centers, steel service centers, and any business with operations that include cutting with laser, plasma, gas, or water jet, bending, punching or even a combo machine can increase their profits and throughput with the outstanding features and capabilities that PEP offers.

PEP Software will nest automatically as effectively as a highly skilled programmer would with unlimited time to fine tune a nest. PEP doesn’t replace your programmers but it makes them more effective, capable of doing better nesting in less time. Customers report that PEP can typically save $120,000 per laser per year in material and machine productivity, without hiring a highly skilled programmer.

Most companies are surprised once they see how PEP Automatic Nesting is incredibly superior to what they have been using. PEP Technology is more than a comprehensive CAM solution and PEP is not like any other product on the market.

As you review the Features, Capabilities, and Perspectives of PEP, remember that PEP doesn't require an expert programmer to be effective. PEP really is smarter, faster, easier, and better.  

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