VIVADATA | Artificial Intelligence School

VIVADATA | Artificial Intelligence School

VIVADATA's mission is educate students in science, technology and other areas of expertise, and to prepare them to find solutions in a complex world.

VIVADATA offers 10-week, full-time, artificial intelligence and intensive data science bootcamps in Paris, France. The Machine Learning bootcamp is for beginners and covers Python programming, data collection using REST APIs and SQL, data analysis, algorithms, natural language processing, and an introduction to deep learning. The Deep Learning bootcamp is for more advanced students and covers convolutional and recurrent neural networks, Tensorflow, Big Data Engineering with Hadoop, and reinforcement learning. Classes are small and students learn via projects and real-world examples. The courses are taught in French, but content is in English.

The prerequisites to apply for the machine learning bootcamp are high-school level math skills, a positive attitude, and lots of motivation. To apply, students must answer questions via an online form, complete the Python track on Codecademy, take part in an interview (in-person or over video conferencing) with a member of the VIVADATA team, then complete prep work online before beginning the bootcamp.

When students graduate, they receive a certificate in data science. VIVADATA’s careers team will assist graduates with their resume, provide mock data science interviews, introduce graduates to interested employers, and share freelance opportunities. No matter a student’s goals, VIVADATA aims to stay in touch with students after the program to help achieve those goals. Students and graduates are part of an alumni network for life, with continued access to 

VIVADATA events and Slack channel. Graduates also maintain access to all of VIVADATA’s course material for life.

Type of school:
  • In-Class
  • Python
  • SQL
10 weeks

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