Understand Social Media Analytics Better with Netbase

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Customers are key drivers of companies. Thus, it is of utmost importance to understand their needs and expectations for your business. Fortunately, the fast-paced technology industry has transformed the business industry through highly effective business solutions. These solutions have played a significant role in helping business owners make informed decisions which have led to the realization of business goals faster and effectively. Social media analytics is the process of collecting business data from social media sites like Facebook and analyzing the data obtained to using analytic tools to help entrepreneurs make vital decisions. There are numerous well-established companies to help you through this process. One prominent option is NetBase.

Netbase is a renowned and award-winning social media analytics company based in Santa Clara, California. The company helps you to get real-time customer insights through next-generation artificial intelligence to deliver a maximum Return on investment for your business. NetBase provides fast, comprehensive, and accurate consumer insights. Through these insights a business owner can protect their brand, boost campaign performance as well as improve crisis management. NetBase is highly regarded in fueling top marketing strategies and top performing campaigns alike.

Businesses often seek expertise from social media analytics platforms to attain many business goals and objectives. The following are some of the central business goals that these platforms can help you accomplish.

Retaining current customers

Retaining customers is a very crucial objective for every business. Social media metrics can help realize this business goal effectively. The first social media analytics metric you can use to achieve this, is to evaluate the number of customers that your brand reaches. It is easier to reach existing customers than approaching new ones. To do this, ensure you engage them through social media platforms in comments, tweets, likes, share, and other available forms of social media engagement. Also, keep a keen eye on customer reviews. This is one of the most effective ways to know the quality of service and quality of products that your business sell. Lastly, track your social media sites' visitors.

Brand promotion

Reaching new potential customers is the goal of every entrepreneur each day. This is a strategy to promote the company's brand mainly through social media sites. If your goal as a business is to reach new customers, you should keep a close eye on the number of new followers or likes you are getting on various social media platforms. Also, focus on new members in your groups as well as new opt-ins from social media.

Increasing sales

Social media platforms can have a tremendous impact on improving sales. If your company's goal is to promote sales through social media platforms, the practice should have a positive effect on ROI. For instance, you should check the number of viewers of a Facebook ad and check against the impact it brought to sales. The revenue generated from social media efforts is a clear indicator of the effectiveness of social media advertisement programs.

Establishing authority and trust

Trust is an essential element and business goal for every business. When using social media platforms to achieve this business goal, you should focus on several social media activities. First, the number of social media users sharing links to your content. This indicates authority in the market. Increased shares of your content mean your information is resonating and trustworthy.

Enhancing customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the primary goal of every company. Social media analytics metrics can be a great way to tell if your customers are satisfied or not. The metric to focus on responsiveness to messages and consumer reviews. Customers like to be heard and responded to. Also, the response time should be minimal to help improve customer satisfaction.

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