Tricks To Improve Gaming On Your Phone

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Long queues in the supermarket, delays in the public transports and a big waiting list in an hospital appointment. What do all of these have in common? They can be easier to overcome with the help of your phone, a simple gadget in your pocket that can save you from the most boring times. With the advanced technology, nowadays people have several options of apps in the phone, but nothing works better than a good game to keep you busy and entertained. The great legacy of phone games started with the mythical worm game, quite light game compared to the ones used currently. Technology progressed and in the present times you can have more than one game in your phone. However, sometimes, playing a game might be hard if your phone efficiency keeps on letting you down.

Mobile gaming

However, gaming on your mobile gadget doesn’t need to be a trouble anymore. This article will explain you some tricks you can use on daily basis and you can bet that it will boost your mobile phone efficiency.

How many of you were, for example, catching a rare Pokémon and a message blew all the game? While playing, turn off the notifications and answer to family requests later. On Android phones, swipe down on the home screen and tap “do not disturb”. On IOS, swipe down from the top right corner of the home screen and tap the crescent moon icon. If you don’t want to go that further on ‘blocking people’, there is also the option of just muting the phone and choose not to be disturbed and still receive notifications. In case of you wanting to still receive some people calls, there is the possibility of allowing particular numbers to still call.

Keeping your phones’ space full of pictures or heavy apps will always reduce the performance of any game. Clutter can strongly impact your gaming time. Uninstall the apps you don’t use anymore or the ones you potentially won’t use anymore. Either for Android or iOS users, you can save your memories on Google Photos or the Cloud (on iPhones).

Phone games

Buying and attaching a controller to your phone might turn your gaming life much easier. Touchscreens are often hard to control, but control remotes never fail you. For Android, the SteelSeries Status, available on Amazon, will allow you a console-type experience. For the IOS, Gamevice Controller is an option also available on the same shopping platform.

Now, you are fully enjoying your gaming while waiting for your dentist appointment, but its battery dies. You will just have to face the wall and boredom is now making your teeth ache even more. Don’t worry. Golden rule to avoid this situation: make sure, since the beginning, you are conserving as much energy as possible. If you tap the battery in the Android Settings menu, you can access the battery saver and adaptive battery options. Both will restrict battery background use and ensure you get more time. IOS offers something similar, low power mode is the option you should activate.

Installing a good performance app is another opportunity to make sure you can play with no concerns. On Android, there are several apps to tweak low-level system settings, freeing up system resources to leave more room for your games. GFX tool is free of charges and lets you tweak hidden graphics on your Android to improve performance. The iOS doesn’t have similar tools as the Android ones, though apps don’t have the same deep access to the operating system as they do on Android.

iOS games

Both of Android and iOS screens cast to a bigger display, depending on the model of your phone. Android phones, running Android 5.0 or more, can mirror the screen via Google Home app. IPhones and iPads support AirPlay mirroring, allowing you to duplicate the screen on an Apple Tv or on an enabled television set. Depending on the connections you have available, your phone might as well be cabled up to a big screen. If you have the time and place to link a screen to your mobile device, the playing experience can turn out more pleasant and effective.

Playing games on your phone and facing life inevitable waiting periods doesn’t need to be a terrifying concept anymore. Start using these tips now and get the best out of this continuously pocket improving technology, which offers you numerous possibilities of leisure. 

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