​Top 10 reasons to use email marketing automation for Ecommerce

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Smart, automatic email campaigns can do wonders for a business. Sending relevant, time-sensitive, personalized emails is simply essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. It's also an excellent way to save both time and money.

Business owners have a lot on their hands and are always looking for time saving hacks. A good marketing automation software saves a lot of time for any kind of business, because all is needed is to set up a campaign once and from then on it runs automatically.

Automation will also help you promote your business in many different ways. It will help you generate more sales, grow your mailing list and improve your reputation. Make your life easier by making automation an integral part of your e-commerce marketing strategy.

Here are 10 great reasons to use an email marketing automation software for your e-commerce needs:

1. Post purchase follow up emails

An easy way to nurture your customers is to send them a post-purchase email. This follow up email confirms to buyers that their order has been received and gives them extra information they may need. It builds trust and reassures your customers that they made the right decision when buying from you.

2. Cross sell and upsell opportunities

One of the most popular marketing strategies you want to adopt is cross-selling and upselling. Once a customer makes a purchase, you should suggest other related items that might interest them.

Their purchase indicates two things: That they are interested in the item they've just bought and that they trust you as a seller.

This opens up an opportunity for you to recommend complementary or related items for them to buy, and also encourage them to get an upgraded or more up to date version of the product they've picked.

Have a look at this example:

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Landing pages to collect subscribers

great landing page is the key factor when it comes to your potential customers decision process when they are considering their subscription. Ideally, your landing pages should have a subscription form built in so that the registration process is simple and more intuitive.

Usually, your email marketing automation software has a landing page builder, so all your task is quite simple. Create compelling content, design according to your brand scheme and embed a simple sign-up form.

Now all you have to do is find all those perfect marketing channels to spread your landing page and start assembling a killer mailing list.

Website pop-ups

Your marketing automation software can help you generate more leads with website pop ups.

Pop up sign-up forms are an effective way to collect email addresses for your mailing list. Their visibility is greater than any embedded form on your site and if you design them the right way, you are more likely to attract more leads. You want to test different designs to see which one converts more, see more about automated software testing.

A great creative use for website pop-ups can be a discount coupon code that appears after the customer reaches his shopping cart, to encourage a quicker purchase decision.

Abandoned cart emails

If you're disappointed with people adding items to the shopping cart on your website, but then not making a purchase and just leaving, you should know it's a very common phenomenon. Data collected from worldwide e-commerce sites suggests a cart abandonment rate of 75.6%.

On the plus side, you can avoid losing money simply by sending an automatic email to those users after they abandon the cart. This is very easy to do through your marketing automation software, once your shop is integrated with the software .

After you've done the hard work of gaining potential shoppers' attention, getting them to click through to your website, browse and see what you offer, and even convincing them to add items to their shopping cart, it makes sense to simply send them a polite email reminder if they left without buying. It's certainly much easier than getting new potential shoppers to go through all of these stages from scratch.

Wake up dormant customer emails

Don't give up on customers who don't engage much with your newsletters or website. They may be dormant, but you can wake them up with some clever tricks using your email automation software.

Create an automated funnel designed especially for those customers who haven't been active recently, for instance those who haven't opened your emails in the past 2 months, or haven't made a purchase in the past 3 months.

They may need a reminder as to why they signed up to your mailing list in the first place. Tell them again why they want what you have to offer. For those who need more convincing, you can create an incentive, such as a special discount code just for them.

Here’s an example:

Image Source

Another great way to increase engagement is to use email automation to send your subscribers a happy birthday email. Greet them and offer a gift from your shop in the form of an exclusive offer. This will attract the attention of dormant users as well and encourage them to click your link.


Sending relevant messages to your audience is extremely important in email marketing. 83% of companies surveyed pointed out that the biggest benefit of email marketing automation is being able to create relevant campaigns.

How do you make sure your emails are relevant to the recipients?

Your marketing automation software can create groups and segment your audience automatically, based on age, professional status, location and so on.

You can easily create all the groups you need for your marketing campaigns and send extremely targeted emails. Instead of sending irrelevant campaigns to recipients who are not likely to open them, simply use these clever segmentations to increase your open and click rates.

For example, if you’re promoting kids’ clothing in your next newsletter, send it only to subscribers who have kids, and send the rest of your list a different offer.

When the right email reaches the right recipients, you just have to sit back and watch your business results improve.

Tracking pixel

Install a tracking pixel on your site, newsletter or landing pages, and your marketing strategy will instantly become way more sophisticated.

Hidden in the background, so that users are unaware of them, tracking pixels tell you a lot about how your customers behave on your site. Did they spend a long time on a particular product page? Did they come back to view the same product several times?

Based on that info, a marketing automation software triggers automatic actions, such as adding users to segments, sending them specific emails or text messages, sending them surveys and so on. It's a fantastic way to increase conversions by giving users what they are interested in.

Online surveys

As we’ve seen so far, to convert more, you want to give your customers what they want. How do you find out what they want?

Ask them. Send out an online survey to your subscribers. Ask them whatever you need to know about their preferences, fields of interest, products they would like to see in your shop etc. Then you can follow their answers with an automated email or text message, such as a discount coupon or any other offer that matches their response to the survey.

As an added bonus, a survey will give your customers a good feeling; it shows you care about their opinions and that will make them trust your business even more in future.

Creation of a customer journey

Email automation lets you create a personalized customer journey, tailored for each customer. This is a powerful tool you have as a business owner, and if you use it in a smart way you'll drive more revenue and improve your relationship with your customers.

A clever marketing automation system lets you build autoresponders with different emails being triggered to reach out to specific recipients.

For example, a new subscriber will get a welcome message automatically, and based on whether or not they open it, you can decide to send them an automatic email with an incentive, or a text message and so on. You just have to prepare those emails once, set the time and the triggers and that's it. Your emails will be adapted to the customers based on their actions.

To sum up, automation has many different aspects, uses and advantages. A good email marketing automation software should have all the features you need to allow you to maximize the benefits you can derive from automation with ease and save you time, money and effort.

In the field of B2C, a marketer tries many marketing tactics to entice a customer, be it a welcome email or a post-purchase follow -up email. While practicing these practices, you will always the help of marketing automation. I would suggest you to give Aritic PinPoint a try!