How Will Virtual Reality Technology Change Us

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You might have had the virtual reality gaming experience using one of your Cox internet deals. But virtual reality isn’t limited to that. It is a technology that makes a real difference to collective futures. VIR is definitely the next big thing after the advent of the Internet. It has been around for some time but it is mainstream saturation has the potential to change the world on different levels. That time will come soon when it will transform every aspect of our lives. Although this technological revolution is at its birth stage, it’s still changing the world. It’s already adapted through platforms like HTC Vive and Oculus.

Let’s see how virtual reality technology will change us and the world we are living in:

Doing Business Will Never Be the Same

Pretty soon, we will see touch sensitive holograms that will allow businessmen from across the world to sit across the table and even shake hands. The digital experiences will become personal even more personal than a group call.

If you are in the manufacturing business, you must have already been familiar with Hololens visors by Microsoft. They will let you grapple with the 3D holograms of machines and their parts. You will have an idea of how the finished product will look. It will be an experience you can feel rather than just see.

More Trained Surgeons

It’s safer if surgeons perfect their techniques on things rather than humans while training, right? But it is better if they get a chance to practice on things that aren’t plastic models. You will be glad to know that virtual reality has a solution to that. A fully interactive and accurately modeled specimen (that’s actually suffering from some ailments) can be used to carry out surgical procedures. It will be possible via a VR interface. This will make for better trained and better-performing surgeons.

Immersive VR Movies

Who wouldn’t want to experience fully immersive VR movies? Of course, you must have watched 3D films but this is going to be an actual 3D movie. You get to be in the movie world where you will explore at your own pace and look at the action from different angles. This is theoretical but there is always a possibility. It will change the film watching experience forever.

Fun and Involved Learning

Say goodbye to the worry that your teacher will confiscate your phone. Virtual reality has the potential to change how kids and even adults learn. Imagine exploring puzzles in the 3D space or actually diving into simulated volcanoes. This intuitive spatial interface of virtual reality will make learning fun for people of all ages. Smartphones and social media have certainly boosted literacy and you never know what VR could do.

Exploring Space

Wouldn’t it be interesting to fly through the globe and use Google maps to navigate? Scientists will be able to navigate and visualize space using VR devices. They will get to explore outer space in a way they have never done before. It will be like taking the role of a spaceship pilot like in Valkyrie or maybe even better than that.

Experiential Marketing

It will be exciting to see how the world will set to change by the advancement of digital marketing. In the virtual world, there are no laws of nature to restrict us. The VR experiences for marketing will not only be useful for businesses but consumers, too. They will be able to make buying decisions based on their virtual experiences. This would be ideal for travel, to book hotels and more. Experiential marketing would let you make the most out of your money.

Automobile World

Almost all automobile manufacturing companies have their own VR apps. This technology creates 3D images of the prototype of the car which can be viewed and accessed by automobile engineers. This happens before the physical car is manufactured. VR technology allows them to access the interior, exterior, and engine and make recommendations before the car is manufactured. Ford and Toyota are already using this technology.


Even though Virtual Reality is still in the stage of development not to mention we are bound by gigantic headsets linked to our PCs. Because of that, we haven’t been able to enjoy the experience to its best. On the bright side, this isn’t going to be the case forever. Virtual reality will be integrated into our daily lives pretty soon. Just imagine reaching out to a hologram when you call the Cox Customer service number for assistance. When that happens, get ready for cool experiences.

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