How Does A Phone Validator Work?

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Even in the age of the Internet, phone numbers continue to be a significant part of doing business. The proliferation of fake email accounts has made phone numbers the preferred method of establishing user identity. This is even amplified by the pervasiveness of mobile phones.

According to Statista, the number of mobile phone users is expected to reach 4.98 billion users globally with a penetration rate of 67 percent of the population. The ubiquity of mobile phones has made text messaging and phone calls a vital communication and marketing channel.

The use of phone numbers also serves half of the global population not yet connected to the Internet. eMarketer estimates that internet user penetration worldwide will reach 50 percent in 2019. Alongside the use of email addresses, the use of phone numbers will help ensure that you reach and serve a wider audience.

Phones are also a very useful tool for businesses. Phone numbers can be used to verify consumer identity, authenticate transactions, marketing channel, and source of essential client information. Given the many purposes of phone numbers, businesses invest significantly in collecting and maintaining a clean contact list.

While it’s easy to collect phone numbers and grow your contact list, verifying each of these numbers can be very challenging. Of course, manual validation can be a very costly and cumbersome endeavor, especially when it comes to international numbers. The good news, however, is that phone validation services provide an easy, cost-effective, and reliable way of cleaning your phone number database.

How does phone number validator work?

Basically, phone number validation tools are used for real-time verification of phone numbers as they are collected from different data gathering resources. Phone validation tools are installed into the data collection point. Once a number is entered into the tool, it will automatically check the format and search through its database. Phone validator uses up-to-date database gathered from cable and telecommunication providers from around the world.

The phone validator can detect if a number is valid by checking its format and by sending a ‘ping’ to the number. This verifies if the number is live and can receive calls or SMS. Generally, the owner of the phone number will not be aware of any phone verification attempts as they will not receive any notification.

However, there are also some phone validation tools that do send a notification and require the recipient to input the code for the process to be completed. This is particularly used for two-step authentication processes, such as in online banking transactions or digital payments.

Aside from validating the accuracy and existence of a phone number, a phone validator can also distinguish whether the number is mobile or landline. This is important to ensure compliance with regulators or the FCC Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).

Why businesses need a phone validator?

Having an accurate phone number is essential to businesses. Not only will it help establish the identity of the user, but it is also vital for your telemarketing and digital marketing efforts.

A senior marketing analyst at Byteplant shares some of the top reasons why businesses should use the phone validation tool.

  • Fraud prevention

With phone validator, you can immediately spot any fraudulent registrations. Phone validation services can identify sign-ups initiated by bots and those coming from known scammers.

  • Minimize typos and errors

As soon as a user inputs their contact detail, the phone validator API automatically notifies the user of any typographical errors in their contact details. This can help avoid inaccurate phone numbers in your contact list.

  • Boost Marketing ROI

A clean contact list can help avoid unnecessary texts or calls to invalid contact numbers. This can greatly help cut on your telemarketing budget and result in better ROI.

  • Save Time

Purging invalid or inaccessible phone numbers can help avoid frustrations of trying to contact inaccurate contacts. This should save the precious time and resources of your manpower.

  • Better Consumer Relations

An effective and efficient communication channel can ensure that you get your messages to your clients in a timely and efficient manner – and phone validation can greatly help in this aspect. Establishing a good communication line can result in better customer satisfaction, increased consumer retention, and improved marketing efforts.

Ultimately, phone validator ensures an effective and efficient communication channel for maximum revenue opportunities.  

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