How AI Can Create Personalized App Experiences

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Artificial intelligence (AI) can help automate the data collection process for app developers and heighten the level of personalization each customer can experience in an app.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the field of computer science dedicated to solving problems and performing tasks commonly associated with intelligent beings, such as learning, problem solving, and pattern recognition.

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A 2017 Vanson Bourne study about the state of AI found that 80% of enterprises already had some form of AI in production and 33% felt they would need to expand their AI investments over the following three years. The mobile app industry, in particular, utilizes AI in many steps of their product development.

To help your app perform better, use AI to collect and analyze data, create personal profiles, and provide relevant recommendations to customers.

Collect and Analyze Data

There are many ways for you to collect and analyze data, but AI companies can build programs to help you automate that process.

Through the development of advanced pattern recognition, AI can collect consumer behavioral data on your app like personal interests, purchase history, and which ads each person is most likely to click and engage.

It’s also common knowledge now that many apps track the location of their users, allowing you to provide geographically relevant content.

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Those data points can be filtered by AI into relevant categories on a scale that would not be feasible by human employees, saving their unique abilities for tasks more complex than collecting and sorting piles of data.

For instance, the large database of information can segment consumers by demographics, interests, and lifestyles, making it easier to for your team to discover consumer insights.

This streamlined process simplifies collecting a massive amount of data and makes it easy to put to use.

Create Personal Profiles

Over three-quarters of customers (76%) now expect businesses to understand their needs and want some level of personalization in their buying experience.

AI can also help in this aspect. The collected data can be used not only to create profiles of customers, but to create personalized messaging and discounts that reflect their interests to increase engagement.

When you treat your customers like individuals with personalized communication and discounts, they are 44% more likely to become repeat buyers.

The learning ability of AI can also help you understand complex customer reactions and avoid making offensive offers that might turn them away from your brand.

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For example, if the AI in your app finds that a person solely follows vegetarian food blogs, your grocery store app should avoid offering discounts on meat products.

These kinds of personalized messages and other offers let your customers know that you care about their specific needs and will cater to them on an individual level.

Recommendations Based on Interests

App databases can also help you send more relevant information, offers, and products to your consumers.

AI has the capability to store information of what people click on, put in their shopping cart, and buy. It then uses an algorithm to connect customers with reminders about the product or other products that are similar.

Amazon uses AI to recommend products in almost every step of the purchase process. Amazon is also incredibly effective–the suggestions show up on most pages on the site and are also used in personalized email campaigns that make up a stunning 35% of Amazon’s revenue.

Consumers spend an average of $5,400 per year on impulse purchases and 49% cited a personalized recommendation as the reason why they made an impulse buy.

Amazon’s numbers are proof that people not only appreciate tailored recommendations, but they are also more likely to act on them.

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Customize Your App Experiences with AI

The efficiency and expanding abilities of AI will soon become a standard for apps. The programs being developed by AI companies make it easier for you to collect and analyze data on a large scale.

AI collects behavioral data that allows your brand to connect with customers in a more personal way, which is extremely valuable for the customer experience. 

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