3 Ways AI is Changing Digital Marketing Strategy

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From asking Siri to answer question, automate routine tasks, to piloting autonomous self-driving vehicles, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is becoming a more prevalent part of our lives.

For digital marketers, advances in AI have created amazing opportunities to extend their content distribution and customer engagement efforts.

Using artificial intelligence, digital marketing experts can automate routine and mundane tasks, better understand user behavior and preferences, and use their time format creative marketing strategies.

This article discusses 3 digital marketing opportunities and benefits of AI technology.

●Enriched content and distribution

●Improved user experience

●Augmented analytics

Content Creation and Distribution

Natural language processing (NLP) creates an opportunity to automate commercial copy and content.

Tools such as Grammarly act as digital writing assistants that automate grammar adjustments and provide edit suggestions.


But can content marketers really depend on tools to actually write content rather than just check it for errors?

Current applications of AI-writing tools and technologies suggest that digital marketers can experience success from AI-powered content creation.

In 2018, Gmail rolled out Smart Compose, which automates email drafting, based on the success and adoption of its Smart Response system, its predecessor that automated email responses.

Currently, major news organizations like the Associated Press and Forbes use AI to create blurbs or blocks of text for news stories – for example, previews for NHL games.

These AI tools and functionalities can translate to your content strategy. Specifically, AI developers can implement technology that determines the best type of content to engage your target customers and the most effective methods and messaging for outreach depending on the platform.

Emphasis on User Experience and Intent

Great digital marketing strategy provides excellent customer experiences. Creating highly relevant and useful content makes users more likely to convert and become loyal to your company.

Using AI technology, digital marketers can examine data to determine the overlap between well-performing online content and the preferences of your target customers based on factors such as geolocation and previous browsing experiences.

Based on this, digital marketers can identify how they can create the ideal circumstances to provide customers they experience they desire.

As user behavior shifts based on the growth of consumer-facing AI technology such as voice search, digital marketers also need to ensure their websites’ content directly aligns with user intent.

When people issue a voice search or command to a virtual assistant-enabled device, they expect the technology to understand their context and provide a response with the exact information they are looking for.

Digital marketing companies help companies review how well-optimized their site is for voice search.

Creating content targeted towards answering conversational questions such as, “What’s best way to do SEO?” improves the chances that AI-enabled voice search devices use your content to respond to a voice search.

Broad Analytics Insights

AI technology allows digital marketing firms to review and analyze vast amounts of data, which makes decision-making more informed.

Through measuring user behavior, digital marketers can make informed assumptions about best practices for engaging their target customers, particularly early on in their purchasing journey.

Specifically, machine learning technology can reference data from multiple different sources to create holistic buyer personas, which allows digital marketers to personalize content more effectively.

Machine learning

This data allows your company to target users before they demonstrated interest via search engines, online browsing, or social media engagement.

Better understanding of user profiles also helps you weed out irrelevant leads and invest more in individual engagement for high-converting audiences.

Digital Marketers Need to Embrace AI to Prepare For The Future of Audience Engagement

Digital marketing experts can use AI to streamline their efforts and improve their engagement with target customers.

Rather, coupled with digital marketer’s insight and expertise, AI can greatly improve productivity, increase efficiency, and bolster your company’s ROI.

Bio: Emily Clark is a Writer for The Manifest, a B2B news and how-to site. She leads the company’s research about digital marketing agencies and trends. 

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