3 AI Tools to Bolster Workplace Productivity

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Artificial intelligence (AI) tools help companies to improve their productivity, efficiency, and performance.

From HR to IT, smart technologies liberate employees from menial tasks and allow them to focus on what’s most important. AI tools can also automate and improve upon complex processes, such as lead engagement.

Additionally, AI tools help businesses to gain a competitive advantage, reduce costs, and make more informed decisions.

This article outlines three AI tools that bolster workplace efficiency:

  1. X.ai to schedule meetings
  2. Textio to improve job listings
  3. Conversica to engage leads

X.ai Schedules Your Meetings

X.ai is an AI-powered virtual assistant that autonomously schedules your meetings via email. The productivity bot, dubbed “Amy” or “Andrew,” manages your calendar, sends you reminders and streamlines the work day.

The bot scans your emails with an eye for meeting-related language. If you’ve discussed a meeting, the bot follows up with the recipient and coordinates it on your behalf. X.ai integrates with your calendar to find openings, submits three availabilities to the recipient, and sends reminders to both parties.

The language reads as human and natural, though the bot does announce itself as AI.

../Documents/X.AI.pngSource: x.ai

Currently, X.ai is limited to scheduling meetings between two people. There’s also a minor chance of the bot misinterpreting the message content, so it’s best to use simple sentence structure to help Amy and Andrew get it right.

X.ai cuts down on the need for “email ping pong,” helping you accomplish more and remove the legwork around meetings.

Textio Improves Your Job Listings

Textio is job listing optimization software. Textio analyzes millions of job postings in your niche, assigns a score to your listings, and offers suggestions on how to improve the listing to better attract candidates.

Seen below, the software scores and suggests changes to the text on the basis of tone, content, length, and keyword appeal.

TextioSource: Textio

Textio has a sharp eye for culture and compliance. The AI tells you if your language is misaligned with your brand messaging, regulations, or cultural sensitivities.

Textio Flow can also write for you, taking a list of ideas and producing a job listing to match. Extensions for Textio are available in Gmail, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Outlook.

Textio can complement HR outsourcing services to ensure your company recruits successfully.

Textio’s “augmented writing” processes let you spend less time writing and recruiting, maximizing the impact that your words have on job seekers.

Conversica Helps You Close Sales

Conversica is a conversational AI assistant that functions as a customer engagement tool.

The cloud-based platform automates personalized conversations with prospects via email and SMS, helping you to identify, engage, and close the leads in your funnel.

Seen below, Conversica leverages the data in your CRM to establish first contact with prospects.

ConversicaSource: Conversica

The AI then uses natural language to create a rapport with prospects, evaluate interest, respond to buying signals, and accelerate the leads that are sales-ready. This helps marketing to drive higher conversion rates and sales to close more leads – all while reducing everyone’s workload.

Constant support from human-sounding AI also helps to improve the customer experience and boost retention. Conversica integrates with your sales and marketing tools, making it easy to optimize those processes with data-driven insights.

Conersica automates lead engagement to free up salespeople, boost productivity, and drive revenue.

AI Tools Improve Workplace Productivity

AI tools help businesses to do more with less. Employees spend less time on repetitive work and get to focus on making an impact with their business. Business performance improves as a result, as does employee satisfaction, and that’s a win-win.

Businesses can also explore working with artificial intelligence companies to develop their own productivity tools.

Riley Panko is Senior Content Developer for Clutch. She focuses on business services research, including virtual assistant services.  

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