Create Ads that Sells. Octovid simplifies the way you create & share video adverts.
The future of Digital Marketing is here, and is now, and it is in the form of video ads: In order to compete in today’s eCommerce business, you need a professional video to promote your products and your store.
With Octovid you can create professional video ads for your store, branding, promotions or any kind of video content within just a few minutes thanks to our easy-to-use, super friendly intuitive interface. No more endless hours of editing and understanding complicated software. No more money spent on hiring a professional video maker.
We have the most trendy and varied templates, designed with care to fit all kinds of niches and marketing strategies. All customizable and easy to use and integrated with your stock and library on Shopify. Without having to upload images or description nor price lists because it works with all the information recollected from your own Shopify store. Create promotional video ads that suits your brand, service, promotion, or message or just anything, the sky's the limit!
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Techendo Acquired TechSwarm.com

We want to announce the acquisition of another technology, IT and software website Techswarm.com. The decision to consolidate two leading platforms came about as part of Techendo’s ambitious growth and development plans.

The merger of two tech websites will add more value to the community and users, delivering more useful and unique information to Techendo and providing users with additional insights and articles.

All important data, including user profiles and messages history will be migrated to Techendo during next 30 days.