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Hi. Your solution looks really good. I have onle one question: does it support multiple locations? And if so, is it possible to have static URLs for categories inside locations?
‪Hi, Multi Location means you can associate a listing with multiple cities. Example if my business is in New York City I can still be serving clients from New Jersey, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx etc this doesn’t mean I must have a separate address for each city.

If Macdonald have might have several 1000 of branches in US. Each of it has a separate listing. We don’t think in a real world directory you have like one business listing showing all the other branches. If there is an example you can share we might possibly consider.‬
Thanks for the reply, seems you didnt understand what I mean.
For example, I have 3 locations:
1) New York City
2) Hoboken
3) Jersey City

And I have 3 categories:
1) Home Cleaning
2) Moving Services
3) Plumbing services.

Does you script allow to have a static URL for «home cleaning services in Hoboken» category?
Example: — Software development parent category — Software development companies in NYC — Software development companies in San Diego

As you can see from example above — each «Category In Location» has static URL. And also, is is possible to adjust zoom of the map in case if I want to focus website only on one small location?