Your Go-To Solution For Calmer Reading
A simple and sorted way of reading that lets its users decide what they would like to read without sacrificing their privacy. This is exactly what ‘Focusd’ is.

It’s an ad-free service, which uses RSS feeds to deliver you links to new articles only once a day from your favorite sites. Focusd understands that people get obsessive about pointless updates when they see a lot of emails.

Most reader apps flood their subscribers with ads and information they don’t need, while Focusd gets its users just one email a day. It’s really affordable too! After a free 14 day trial, Focusd is available for $10 / year.
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Techendo Acquired

We want to announce the acquisition of another technology, IT and software website The decision to consolidate two leading platforms came about as part of Techendo’s ambitious growth and development plans.

The merger of two tech websites will add more value to the community and users, delivering more useful and unique information to Techendo and providing users with additional insights and articles.

All important data, including user profiles and messages history will be migrated to Techendo during next 30 days.